Advanced Roller Compounds

With three types of roller compounds to choose from, Ryno Rollers, Inc. (formerly JOMAC) is in the business of providing roller manufacturers the advanced materials they require to supply printers with high strength, long-lasting, low durometer rollers that are perfect for all their printing needs.

Ryno, Hydrometric, and Web Red Roller Compounds are formulated to allow printers to use the lightest roller settings for maximum plate and roller life. Each advanced, high stability compound is permanently bonded to each roller core and finished with a super-smooth, nonporous surface.

For better printing performance with less wear on plates, bearings, and journals, look for rollers manufactured with the Ryno Rollers Inc. compounds. Used in pressrooms all over the world, Ryno, Hydrometric and Web Red rollers are available through licensed dealers worldwide.. If you are interested in becoming an Ryno Rollers Inc licensed roller manufacturer, or to find a licensed roller manufacturer near you, contact us.

Spill Control

An essential component of any responsible emergency plan, spill kit, or storm water management, Ryno Rollers Drain Covers and Drain Plugs not only protect the environment, but also your investment.

Ryno Rollers Drain Covers and Plugs are made of high quality PVC compound with exceptional tensile strength and durability, which produces an inherently tacky surface that will temporarily bond to uneven surfaces. The non-toxic construction means Ryno Rollers Drain Covers and Plugs can be used indoor and out, with easy soap and water clean up that does not sacrifice any adhesive properties.

Whether in response to a spill or just routine maintenance, Ryno Rollers Drain Covers and Plugs prevent fluids from going down the drain.

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